About The Author

Rand Simberg is a recovering aerospace engineer with over a third of a century of experience in the space industry. He holds multiple engineering degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and West Coast University in Los Angeles.  He has accumulated over a decade in engineering and management at the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, California and with Rockwell International in Downey, California. Since 1993, he has been an entrepreneur and consultant in space technology and business development, as well as regulatory and market issues relating to commercial and personal spaceflight.

Mr. Simberg is an adjunct scholar with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and has written many pieces for Popular Mechanics, Fox News, America Online, PJMedia, National Review, Reason magazine, The Weekly Standard, the Washington Times, TCSDaily, among others. He has also written extensive essays on space policy and technology for the quarterly journal The New Atlantis.  This is his first, but hopefully not last book.