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Slaying The Dragons Of Mars

Stewart Money has an interesting essay on progress in understanding the risks of a Mars flight:

This most recent experience brings to mind another observation Zubrin made in The Case for Mars, once it was foreseen that the oceans could be crossed, people of the era did not wait for the advent of iron plated steamships, they raised sail and headed out into the unknown with what they had available ”iron men in wooden ships.”

Why should we do any less?

Why indeed?

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Classification Societies

I highly recommend that people interested in the topic of space safety and regulation to go read this piece by Listner et al over at this week’s issue of The Space Review. It offers an interesting concept for spaceflight industry self regulation modeled on the maritime industry. I found it sufficiently useful that I’m holding up publishing the book so that I can incorporate it.


I’ve established this web site to promote and discuss my forthcoming book, SAFE IS NOT AN OPTION: How a futile obsession with getting everyone back alive is killing our expansion into space.  I hope to have it published in both print and electronic versions this month.